PANTHEION was founded in 1993 in Hamburg, Germany by Trolfbert, Unholz and Tramheim.

In 1995 the original Line-up was set and PANTHEION played several gigs in the metal-scene of Hamburg, releasing first home-recorded Demos “Todesglocken” and “Ganzheit”. After several changes on the Bass, finally Berthelm (HAGAL) joined PANTHEION in 1998 and perfected the lineup.

In 2003 Pantheion released the first self-produced EP “Friedensbringer”. Shortly after the release the Band decided to put PANTHEION on hold due to musical reasons and Trolfbert set up NEGATOR with Nachtgarm on vocals. The original PANTHEION line-up gathered under the new Banner with a more raw musical direction, putting aside the symphonic aspect PANTHEION was known for. After two successful Albums („Old Black“, „Die eisernen Verse“) NEGATOR split up again. However, Nachtgarm continued the band with new musicians.

In 2006 Trolfbert, Unholz, Berthelm and Tramheim decided to get back to the old symphonic spirit of the early days of their musical career. So PANTHEION was reactivated and they started working on new material and to revise the old material to put it to an appropriate contemporary level.

Finally in the beginning of 2010 PANTHEION entered the Eikey-Studio of Eike Freese (DARK AGE, NEGATOR, CALLEJON, TODTGELICHTER), to record „The Faustian Disciplines“.

The artwork was done by Tim Neugebauer who also did fantastic artworks for HAGAL from Hamburg. The artwork is inspired by the lyrics on „The Faustian Disciplines“ and can be understood as the visual implementation of the music. Finally A.F. of HAGAL fame was recruited to do some guest vocals on „The Faustian Disciplines“. You can hear his voice on the tracks…

Behold, the PANTHEION is back and is ready to bring you the spirit from the early days…

Pantheion - original Line-up since 1998:

Trolfbert: Vocals, Guitars, Acoustic Guitars and Electronics

Unholz: Vocals and Guitars

Berthelm: Bass

Tramheim: Battery


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