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Here you can listen to a short preview of our songs from "The Faustian Disciplines":

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The Faustian Disciplines

01. Philosophy: Into the Analysis of One and Infinity
02. Mysticism: Within the Realm of Buried Shrines
03. Jurisprudence: The Collection of Debts
04. Theology: Tragedies of Failure and Fall of Man
05. Medicine: Sarja
06. Scepticism: Storms Enter the Autumn Grey
07. Rage: Faustian
08. Alchemy: Accession to Power
09. Ecstasy: The Nights Conclusion
10. Negation: Lunar Sonic Phalanx

Playing time: 56:47 minutes

Friedensbringer (EP)

01. Crimson Dawn
02. Storms Enter the Autumn Grey
03. Hexentanz
04. Friedensbringer
05. Lunar Sonic Phalanx


Ganzheit (Demo)

01. When the Dusk Rises…
02. A Medieval Winterwar
03. Gefangen in Fleisch und Blut
04. Wanderung durch die Ewigkeit
05. Magic Flight of the Moon Across the Firmament
06. Realm of the Immortals
07. Ganzheit
08. Necrologue of the Gods

Todesglocken (Demo)

01. Offenbarung 13.18
02. Todesglocken
03. Empire Of Darkness
04. The Final Battle
05. Kholodnaja Strana
06. Across Unknown Skies



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